My name is Rai, and I'm 19.

I stand at 6'0 and I have an issue with my height, I'm working on this.

It’s. My. Birthday.
I’m not too excited.
I have nothing planned.
I can only hope for a better year, cos last year was ultimate bollocks.

Q: Is 5'8 tall?

Sure. I mean in my family it’d be considered average since everyone’s around 6’0. But you could be the taller side in your family and perhaps your school.

I’m not here to point out who’s considered as tall. If you believe you are then you obviously do for a reason right?

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If someone makes fun of you for your height: remove them from your life.

If someone says they won’t date you because you’re tall: ditch them and find someone who will.

If someone tells you that you can’t wear high heels because you’re “too tall”: buy a pair of 6 inch heels and walk proudly in them.

Your height doesn’t make you any less attractive and nobody cares more about your height than you do.

Own your height, don’t let it own you. :-)

Q: Once you get this answer 5 facts about yourself and send it to 5 of your favorite followers :D

1. I tend to go to the cinema alone cos a) I’m not too strong on that friendship thing, and b) I honestly prefer being able to laugh or cry comfortably in a room of strangers that I’ll probably never see than next to ‘friends’.

2. I don’t listen to singers/bands that people bang on about too much. It puts me off them completely. I end up listening to them years after.

3. Eminem is my favourite artist. I enjoy his music, his lyrics, everything. He’s also not so bad of a looker. I can rap to all of his songs. From Infinite down to MMLP2. No one understands why.

4. I share a room with my brother. He’s 8. We sleep on a bunk bed, he sleeps on the bottom and I sleep on the top cos he’s too scared and pees a lot.

5. I tend to dress up more than normal when I go to Central London in hopes that a modelling scout will ask me if I want to work for them. It’s not happened yet, but it will. I swear.

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Q: I'VE GOT ONE! I'm 6' tall and have been talking to the most amazing guy recently. While I would normally aspire for a much taller guy; he's 5'10 and I absolutely love it. I wouldn't normally think myself so confident but he makes me feel amazing for it. Both of us have icky pasts with height-his ex left him for the sole purpose of a taller guy came into the picture; and well I'm a tall girl in America so that's bad. But he doesn't let me down for being tall at all. Aaaah so happy!

Woah, good on you! I’m glad you’re happy and this guy is making you feel like this!

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Nobody sends submissions ,_,
I wanna hear your stories man.

Q: I really do hope you will have people in your life that appreciate you and all you have to offer :) ( hope this make you feel better!!)

Let’s just wait on it ^_^ thank you though!

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Q: Hi Rai, I've been following your account for a while now and I think you are a beautiful and amazing representative of tall girls everywhere

Wow, thank you :)

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