My name is Rai, and I'm 19.

I stand at 6'0 and I have an issue with my height, I'm working on this.


When someone tries to use your height as in insult because your tallimage

Must be real maddd.

It’s my 19th in 6 days ,__,
It’s my mums 50th in 6 days ,__,

She’s going out four times.
I’m going out twice.


Q: Im really excited I found another tall girl like myself. I'm 5'11 and I'm very insecure about my height it's something I'm working on but it's very hard for me. To see comments like "giants aren't in style" or "she's too tall" it's kind of hurtful ya know? How do you deal with it?

Hey, well I’ve been taller than most (including the boys) ever since I was younger. And had to put up with the name calling. Lamppost, giraffe, giant. I was also very skinny so toothpick, giraffe again, ‘man’, one of the boys. And I also got my boobs (though technically there’s really just a handful there) when I was going to my first year in college (at 16 or so). I was told I was far too tall, and that I was a beanstalk, by everyone I knew at school. Especially in the last 4/5 years.

Most of the time, it’d be by my own ‘friends’ and so for my two years of college I spent most of my time alone without meeting anyone. I thought maybe if I kept to myself nobody would call me names. I spent my free time between lessons in empty classrooms or in the coffee shop if I had enough money for a drink. But it never stopped? I’d go into a store and someone at the checkouts would ask me how tall I was, and that they didn’t like taller women and that tall women never got any boyfriends. And I’d go home and start crying. I cried most days because I couldn’t find shoes I liked that fit, or clothes I liked that fit. But then when I started university last year I decided it’d be different.

I worked on shutting people out completely. When they spoke to me, I’d switch off. I’d put my headphones in and listen to music and watched them speak. I’d open my book and concentrate on reading. I’d concentrate on whatever I was doing just so that I could drown them out. I may have cried in front of many people when I was younger, but I can at least say that I haven’t in a very long while. And if I ever do it’s not because I’m upset that I wasn’t ‘made’ well, it’s because it angers me that perfection or the right way of being a woman is by being a specific height, having a specific look, wearing specific clothes.

You block those assholes out.

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i think some of you need to realize that there’s a difference between finding some physical trait unattractive and straight up bullying someone for it


Q: I'm also 6'0. High five (quite literally) :P great blog x

Hahaha, high-five ^_^ thank you!

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Q: I'm 15 and 6'1 and i hate being tall.. But my family and friends are tall too😁 whatever you are not alone ☺️💕

Hey, you’re not alone either. And I don’t know whether I’m 6’ or 6’1 or 6’2 since I measured myself. I was probably around 5’10/11 at 15? No idea.
Don’t hate it. Embrace it. Otherwise you’ll never feel good in your skin. Look in a mirror, wear your favourite clothes, love what you’re looking at.

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Ppl always talk about how important tall dudes are but i am here to say that tall girls are also very Important and Cool


standing beside tall people makes me feel like a midget 

Standing beside short people makes me feel like a giant.