My name is Rai, and I'm 19.

I stand at 6'0 and I have an issue with my height, I'm working on this.

→ The way you make me feel inside ❤️

Her voice is perfect.
His reaction is perfect.


6’3” Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki.


Maybe cos I went to bed angry 🙇

Didn’t sleep at all last night. I’d close my eyes and wait, but then I’d open them again and just stare at the walls.
When it was around 6am I started sleeping, and then I got woken up by my brother who was getting ready to go to school. When they left I tried to settle again but someone kept ringing the doorbell every hour or so.
Then it was magically 1pm and I had to run some errands and take an hour long walk pick up my brother from school.

I still can’t sleep 😔

It’s like you never want to talk to me anymore. It’s like as soon as we do you find an excuse and say you have to go.
I might as well not try anymore.



I find it funny that the majority of models are around 5’10 and above, yet clothes are harder to find instead of easier.

you know… i’ve been wondering abouy this for the longest time, and i’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t make clothes for us because we’re so gorgeous that they want us to walk around naked


About a week ago I started to let go. But now I’m back to caring all over again. Gosh.